Visual Studio: the project type is not supported by this installation error

I installed ASP.NET MVC and downloaded a few example projects. I kept getting an error when opening the project file: the project type is not supported by this installation.

After some research, I found the solution over at stackoverflow: Replace theProjectTypeGuids in the csproj file to:



MSc Thesis in the University of Bristol - Visualising spatial and temporal electricity consumption data from Smart Meters

Since there is almost 1 year since I finished my MSc Thesis for the University of Bristol I think that it is time to share what I did with everyone interested in the topic.

Before writing the final thesis I did extensive research and got distinction result in Research Skills subject in the University. This helped me a lot for the final push when I had to research, implement and analyse the final result.

My supervisor - Prof. Peter Flach, was professor in Artificial Intelligence and unfortunately he didn't have much experience with visualization but just general knowledge. I was working with Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in Bristol, which have done some cool staff with heat-map visualizations. They tried to help but they were not really involved but just waited for the final output. I think that they didn't liked that I did because I used different set of technologies with which they are not so familiar with.

You can enjoy my whole thesis the way I printed. I got 68% (almost distinction) despite the negative factors which I mention above.